Welcome to Fiji's finest island, Yanuca Island and the best beach resort for surfing, diving, fishing, island style relaxing!

To surf Frigates Reef has to be one of the least known world class left-hand barrels on our blue planet because it is twelve miles offshore from the main island of Viti Levu in Fiji. Some try to surf it the long one hour boat ride from mainland accommodation run by non-surfers but often miss out on the best waves and conditions. Instead surfers reach Frigates Reef from the paradise island of Yanuca (pronounced Ya-NU-tha) and stay at Yanuca Island Resort, a real surf resort run by surfers for surfers, and the closest home to the break. 

Yanuca Island Resort and the Island is nothing short of paradise, located only a stones throw from the main island of Viti Levu, the resort is like the setting out of Gilligan's Island and has to be one of the best places to axis the world class lefts of Frigates Passage. The surf camp is somewhat spartan but clean with 4 bures housing 12 guests. You will be provide a lantern for lighting and each bungalow has a flush toilet and cold water tank shower.

We only recommend it to those who kids are into the outdoors as there's no wifi, tv etc but lots of nature, kind hearted Fijians and culture.

Your island home....

Your Resort

A week long stay will offer you more than just the barrels of your dreams and there is plenty to do for non - surfing partners. Swim, laze in the hammocks, scuba dive, fish for your dinner, wander the island, discover other beautiful beaches and the breathtaking views of Frigates Reef and the Beqa lagoon.

Yanuca Island Resort, home to Fiji's world famous Bega Lagoon, only a short boat ride from Pacific Harbour and less than an hour from the capital city of Suva.

Stay at Yanuca Island Resort with a real surfer's feeling and the friendly Fijian family which owns the land. This basic but beautiful resort is protected in a small jungle filled cove and you can dive into warm blue water from the incredible white sandy beach straight in front. You can sleep comfortably as singles, couples and families in your own private bure.

Your Meals

The food is local style family meals, you'll enjoy buffet meals of cooked breakfast and delicious home style dinner and have lunch on the boat at the reef or back at island. Local produce is the order of the day with most fish being caught that day. There are plenty of freshly caught fish dishes, chicken and lamb curries, fresh vegetables, sandwiches, fruit, cereals, juices, snacks, and some beverages. You are welcome to take your own alcohol.

Yanuca Sunset Surf Fiji.jpg

It was a truly magic experience. The family is amazing and have a great sense of hospitality. There are obviously lots of differences if comparing to a resort.

However for what it is, its amazing. It really is a little gem. So I’m hesitant to recommend the hell out of it in fear it will be overrun next time I go there, which I will for sure!

Ohh and the swell…. Unreal. 5 days of pumping to really scary waves. The first 3 days it was perfect 4-6 ft uncrowded and the last 2 days it bumped up to 8-10 ft, with me and 3 other guest out…

Feedback in one word: EPIC!

~ Kasper

June 2019


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The Waves

A World class left is Frigates Pass, in the middle of the crystal clear blue waters of Beqa Lagoon. 
Frigates is one of the most consistent surf breaks in Fiji, ranging from workable long and fast walls to top to bottom tubes. 
The predominate south-east trade winds means it is off-shore most of the time! This wave has something for everyone.

Yanuca Island Resort is the closest resort to Frigates 

We can give you the EARLY session priority, you will be the first to arrive at the surf as we are the closest distance by boat of any resort to the reef pass, plus our happy boat drivers want you to get waves before anyone else!

Lunch on the boat: If you prefer to take lunch on the run you can arrange with Yanuca staff to pack some sandwiches, fruit and water so stay at Frigates longer.

Cold beer available, too! Imagine...Bola preparing your lunch while you surf your brains out ... with quality waves if your there between April and October.


A typical day at Frigates Reef

November to February/March is often light wind offshore, sometimes staying glassy all day. March to June is typically light offshore, sometimes blowing stronger in the afternoon.

July to October is usually light offshore tradewind E-SE winds in the morning with the breeze getting slightly stronger and sometimes turning more sideshore SE-SSE through the afternoon. This gives the Peak a slight side chop but it is still extremely surfable. Sidewinders just stays clean all day in the SSE wind. There are many days when waves are surfed the entire day but by the third day of a trip, many surfers conserve strength on the boat by taking rests and meals in between shorter surfs. Sometimes a westerly storm can bring rain for a few days so the above information is only a general overview of surfable days.

When to go - Frigates best season is ALL YEAR.

Certainly the most consistent waves come from the Southern Hemisphere winter climate -- May to November. Storms below Australia and New Zealand are surf factories continuing their run after pulsing swell into the Mentawais, Nias, G-land, Ulu Watu, Desert Point, the West Australian coast and then Bell's Beach, and Raglan, to name but a few.

However, Frigates gets some of its biggest, most powerful waves from December through April, from cyclones originating near northern Northern Australia, New Caledonia, Vanuatu and the Coral Sea. This time of year can generally mean longer flat spells at some surfbreaks in Fiji, especially out west, while waiting for these cyclone swells. 

However Frigates is an extreme south-facing break and only the island of Kadavu, about 60 miles to the south, affects SE swell. Most swell created from the SE tradewind, even December - April, continues to swing around the southern edge of Kadavu, at Nagigia Island, and runs on up to break at Frigates, a perfect direction for top-to-bottom barrels from the Peak. Sidewinders just stays clean all day in the SSE wind.

Resort Facilities

Rooms: Three Bures with accommodation for 4 in each, no electricity is available at the bures however a lantern is provide at night.

Sand floor dinning: Serves quality Fijian dishes

Bar/Drinks: No Alcohol can be purchased, there's a bottle shop at the harbour where you can purchase beers, wine and spirits. Beers can be chilled in our fridge.

Boat Transfers: Guests can organize to be picked up and dropped of from/to Pacific Harbor

Activities: Scuba diving, surfing, snorkelling, game fishing. Best to bring your own gear to ensure the quality.

Meal Plans: Includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert, with tea, coffee, or juice included in the price.

Boasting a maximum of 12 guests, our resort is the perfect get-away retreat for holiday makers, surfers and ocean enthusiasts.

Do you want to know the secret to surfing warm, uncrowded hollow waves in Fiji ALL DAY? Other than Namotu and Tavarua, most Fiji surf spots can only be surfed for a few hours around high tide or get junked out by the tradewinds.

Not so at Frigates Reef!

When firing, Frigates Reef is a perfect, hollow, world class left hander you can surf all day, high or low tide. The prevailing wind is offshore tradewind and it gets swell nearly every day of the year so it is hardly ever unrideable. This is rare in Fiji.

For one of the best surf trips in Fiji come to the Yanuca Island Resort

See what our guests have to say about their stay at Yanuca

Hey Christine,
Yanuca was an incredible experience! I had an absolutely magnificent time on the island! I surfed Frigates Passage 4 times in the morning and caught the boat with Bola (the village chief). We caught 4 fish trawling off the back of the boat (3 Spanish Mackerals and a Trevally), these were the largest fish I have ever caught. We saw whales, dolphins and turtles in the lagoon. The snorkelling was superb (giant clams and clownfish included!). Lani (Mr Wise’s wife) was an amazing cook. She cooked up the Spanish Mackerals I caught with garlic butter and coconut cream. They also cooked me a Coral Cod on the first night I was there, which is an expensive, sweet, delicious fish!

I had the beaches all to myself in the evenings when the tourists had left the island and would go for a swim at Batiluva beach or just laze in a hammock with a longneck and watch the Sunsets. On the last day I got to go to the village and meet/play with all the kids, which was very special and I felt very honoured to be taken there. I had hung out with a few of the local guys during the day as well as Bola and had a feeling as thought they treated me like family or at least one of the group/clan. This was definitely one of the most authentic Fijian experiences I had over in Fiji and that you simply cannot get by staying at a large resort with many other tourists.

I will send through some photos of my trip on Yanuca once I can get them from my mobile phone.

Thank you so much for arranging the trip, I would certainly recommend Yanuca to anyone interested in going!
— Simon
Hi Emily,

Yes had a great time, it was quite an adventure. Lovely people, very welcoming. The waves ranged from fun to scary. Frigates is a serious open ocean wave and quite a challenge, but I enjoyed taking it on.

All in all a real back to basics experience and total getaway from the world as we know it. Exactly what I needed.

Thank you, Ill probably go again sometime.
— Gareth