Sanbis Resort


Sanbis Resort, located in Gizo in the Western Province of the Solomon Islands, is another uncrowded gem. Ravia, a rescue diver and staff member at Sanbis is one of Gizo's best surfers and usually takes the guests out to all the breaks. The main breaks in the area consist of Titiana (LH), Paelongge (RH) and Outside Naru (RH)). Titiana is about 13 minutes from Sanbis by boat, Paelongge about 20 minutes and Naru about 7 minutes. Surf transfers are provided to guests in boats that fit up to 8 people.

The best time for surf is during the Australian cyclone season but best is between November and end of April when we have N/NW winds. Particularly if there is a cyclone or low somewhere south towards Australia, the breaks can be fantastic.

If your wanting to bring the whole family, Sanbis has a range of other activities for guests. Enjoy snorkeling in front of your private bungalow, join activities provided by Solomon Water sport located at the in-house dive centre or simply relax to your heart’s content. The Solomon Islands are as far from the maddening crowd as you can get and Sanbis Resort offers the tranquillity that comes with the serene island environment.