Sanbis Resort


Sanbis Resort, located in Gizo in the Western Province of the Solomon Islands, is another uncrowded gem. Ravia, a rescue diver and staff member at Sanbis is one of Gizo's best surfers and usually takes the guests out to all the breaks. The main breaks in the area consist of Titiana (LH), Paelongge (RH) and Outside Naru (RH)). Titiana is about 13 minutes from Sanbis by boat, Paelongge about 20 minutes and Naru about 7 minutes. Surf transfers are provided to guests in boats that fit up to 8 people.

The best time for surf is during the Australian cyclone season but best is between November and end of April when we have N/NW winds. Particularly if there is a cyclone or low somewhere south towards Australia, the breaks can be fantastic.

If your wanting to bring the whole family, Sanbis has a range of other activities for guests. Enjoy snorkeling in front of your private bungalow, join activities provided by Solomon Water sport located at the in-house dive centre or simply relax to your heart’s content. The Solomon Islands are as far from the maddening crowd as you can get and Sanbis Resort offers the tranquillity that comes with the serene island environment.



Sitting amidst coastal trees and coconut palm is your Leaf House Villa with its veranda over a tranquil lagoon. Opened in 2005, Sanbis Resort is for the holiday- maker who wants something unique.

To maintain total exclusivity, the resort has six bungalows, generally limited to 12 guests at any one time. Each bungalow incorporates a modern ensuite bathroom with hot shower, has its own secluded beach and is totally separated from the others. Sanbis Resort a “KIDS FREE” haven most of the year (no children under 12 years of age) however Queensland School holidays permits kids from 4 years and over to enjoy Sanbis. Please ask us about EXECULSIVE KIDS SPECIALS.

The beautifully appointed beach bungalows are all made from local materials apart from the bathroom fit-outs, which have a European style feel. Proper, ceiling fans run 24 hours a day.

Fresh drinking water is provided daily, hot water for tea and coffee is available in thermos bottles, which are replaced twice a day. Whilst you have dinner, our staff visits your bungalow for a quick clean up, spray for mosquitoes and lights a kerosene lantern so you can find your way when returning to the bungalow for the night. (All lighting works 24 hours a day as it is all run by our Solar battery bank).

Although, Mosquitoes are few and far between, all bungalows have insect screens on windows and a large mosquito net over the Queen sized beds. The finest pure cotton sheets, (360 stitches per inch) are provided. Each bungalow has very fluffy bath towels and an additional set of beach towels to use around the resort.

Due to the fact that we follow ecologically sound guidelines, we unfortunately cannot provide refrigeration in the bungalows, however, if need be, you can keep your items in one of our fridges or freezers at the restaurant.

Please note that we have two bungalows, which are a little larger than the other four – ideal to share between 3-4 divers, a small fishing group or a family with up to 2 elder children.