Fatboy's Resort

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Fatboy's Resort is located in Gizo, in the Western Province of the Solomon Islands. This area has been well known for years by locals and tourists as an awesome surfing destination. Gizo boasts South Pacific swell with wave sizes varying from 3-6 foot. All breaks are on coral reef and are best surfed in Novemeber through to April.

PAILONGGE - A long right-hander that picks up a lot of swell and breaks in front of a village. It has two sections that join and become perfect on large swells. Hollow inside sections. Can be easily reached with a short paddle from the village on Gizo Island. 

TITIANA - 800 metres south and is a strong lefthander. Again, can be easily reached with a short paddle from the village on Gizo Island. 

MAKUTI ISLAND - A short left-hander, very hollow and shallow. Best on high tide. Be sure to act respectful here towards the local villages.

SKULL ISLAND - A 2 hour boat ride from Gizo & near Zipolo Habu Resort. It's possibly the longest right-hander in the Solomon's. Needs a medium to large swell, best at 3-6 foot, the wave starts breaking about 200 meters south of Skull Island.

MECHANICAL - Walling wave that ends in a deep water into a lush lagoon. 

DESPERATES - A peaky right-hander that breaks close to shore. Great take off that barrels down-the-line. The wave breaks on a point at the end of a beautiful lagoon that you can enter by boat through a break in the reef. Great picnic and snorkelling spot.


Fatboy's is also the perfect destination for snorkeling, visiting the township of Gizo and diving nearby historical WWII sites. Accommodation consists of a Beach House, two Family Bungalows, a Couples Bungalow and a Honeymoon Bungalow. The restaurant and bar area, situated over water, is the perfect place to enjoy a cold drink while watching the amazing Solomon sunset.